Storytelling Workshops

Don offers a variety of workshops to teach the art of storytelling. Whether you have been telling stories for years or have never even attempted to tell a story, Don’s storytelling workshops are fun and informative.

Abraham, Father of Many Stories
Developing Multiple Tellings from a Single Text

Utilizing “The Three Visitors” (Genesis 18:1-15), a portion of the story of Abraham, as a model, Don demonstrates and discusses the eight different “Levels of Development” that can be employed when fashioning a story from a printed text.

Consummate Character Colloquy Can Conquer Cumbersome Content
Incorporating Dialog into a Story

“I love how Don told that story.”
“Yes, it was so engaging when the characters spoke for themselves.”
“I never knew I could do that, until he had us do it ourselves!”
“Learning a Bible story and replacing narrative with dialog…very effective”
“It’s amazing how much can be conveyed through the conversations of the characters.”
“Great workshop!”

Discovering Our Own Stories in the Pages of Scripture
Personal Stories that Emerge from the Biblical Text

Participants learn and tell a short Bible story. Under Don’s guidance they develop and embellish the story in various ways, exploring the scope of the story. Ultimately each participant will discover, develop, and tell a personal story that is thematically related to the Biblical text.

Exploring the Bible by Telling Its Stories
Oral Transmission of a Story

Exploring a short Bible story through fun, interactive exercises, you will become familiar with the story in a way you have never experienced before. By the end of the session, you will be able to tell the story in your own words, with no memorization. You will be surprised how much better you understand the Bible simply by learning and telling its stories.

A Coaching Lottery
To Encourage and Inspire

In a gentle and supportive atmosphere, Don facilitates guided group coaching for storytellers chosen by lottery. Session participants benefit as much from observing and participating in the process of coaching others as they do from receiving coaching themselves.

Finding the Best
The ABCs of Coaching

Coaching is all about finding the best within ourselves and others. In this session you will learn how to offer useful feedback and how to control the feedback you receive. You will practice listening fully. You will coach others and be coached. You will identify common coaching pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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